Summer Plumbing Tips


The summertime is a great time to hire a plumber Irvine CA at Severson Plumbing and keep up with your plumbing! Here are some  plumbing tips to save you time and money this summer!

Sprinkler Systems

With the summer heat comes more use of your sprinkler system to keep your grass and plants healthy! Sprinkler systems can easily leak so it is important to make sure they are running correctly, especially during this time of overuse! Checking to make sure your sprinkler heads are not clogged and are working properly is very important.  A plumber Irvine CA at Severson Plumbing can assist you with this!

Check Your Water Pressure

Maintaining good water pressure during this time is a good idea. This is because with the heat comes more use of showers and faucets. If you are unfamiliar with how to check your water pressure check for plumbers near me Irvine CA at Severson Plumbing for some assistance!

Washing Machine Maintenance

Summer activities can take a toll on your washing machine. In order to preserve your washing machine during this time it is a good idea to wash small loads at a time and check for leaks regularly. You can also move your washer a few inches away from the wall to stop any leaks easier and check for leaks in a more frequent manner.

Shower Drains

All of the fun activities that take place during the summertime such as trips to the beach can cause debris such as sand or pebbles to get caught in the shower drain when rinsing off. To avoid this you can rinse off your body or feet in outdoor showers or hoses to remove as much debris as possible before entering the shower. A drain cover is also a great idea for anyone since it catches hair and other debris which could clog your pipes.

For more information on repipes Irvine CA or plumbers near me Irvine CA, visit Severson Plumbing today!