5 Signs Your Water Heater Needs Maintenance


Water heaters are vital parts of your home. Water heaters provide hot water for bathing, sinks, and laundry. If your water heater isn’t working properly it can cause a handful of issues for you and your home. Here are five signs your water heater requires maintenance. 

1. Age of the Water Heater 

You can expect your water heater to last about 8-10 years. This lifespan can depend on the type of water heater and regular maintenance. To check the age of your water heater you can look for the serial number on the label. The first two digits of the code will represent the last two numbers of the year it was manufactured. For example, if the first two digits are 04 this means the water heater was manufactured in 2004. 

2. Discolored Water

If hot water starts to pour out discolored, rusty, or cloudy then this is a sign your water heater is starting to break down. If the water is a rusty color then the odds are there is corrosion coming from inside the water heater. Cloudy water could represent a build up of mineral deposits. The moment you notice any discoloration you need to contact maintenance as soon as possible. 

3. Lack of Hot Water

If you notice that you’re running out of hot water then it’s probably time your water heater needs to be replaced. Sediment build up could start to affect the heating element or there could be an electrical issue. Temperature irregularities require immediate attention and could be a sign of a larger problem. 

4.  Water Leaks 

Water leaking is a clear sign that something with your water heater isn’t quite right. If you notice any leaking then it’s time to contact maintenance. Water heaters that start to leak can cause a great amount of damage to your home. If you notice any leakage then turn off the water heater immediately and reach out to a professional for help. 

5. Unusual Noises

While it’s common for a water heater to make some noise, if you notice any unusual noises it’s time for the heater to be checked out. These noises can include popping, rumbling, or banging. Sediment build up on the bottom of the tank can be the cause of these noises. This build up can cause the unit to overheat and requires immediate repair. 
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