Top 4 Plumbing Myths


There’s a difference between the truth and a rumor that becomes a ‘truth’. In plumbing company Ladera Ranch, believing in truths that are actually false, can not only lead to issues and plumbing problems, but also, big bills. 

You Should Always Use a Plunger to Unclog a Sink

Using a plunger to unclog a sink is a good idea and theory and could actually work; however, most people who have clogged sinks tend to go to a grain cleaner first before reaching for the plunger. If this is the case, then you will want to refrain from plunging and just see how the drain cleaner will work first. By plunging a sink after putting in a drain cleaner, you could risk bringing up all of the chemicals back up the pipes and possibly causing real damage. 

Drain Cleaners are Safe

While we’re on the topic of drain cleaners, let’s talk about their safety. Drain cleaners are filled with many strong and possibly harmful chemicals that can push through any gunk buildup in your pipes. It is made to be strong to fulfill its purpose. However, drain cleaners can have a harmful long-term effect on the condition of your pipes after continual use. If you do choose to go this route, make sure you are using it in moderation.

Hot Water Can Melt Grease & Prevent Clogs

At this day in age, you would think people have stopped pouring hot grease down their sink drains; however, that is not the case. Many people still think it is alright to pour grease down their sink, as long as they keep their steaming hot water running to clear it out. This is a myth; it won’t work. Yes, your grease may make its way further down the drain than it would without the hot water; however, it will eventually make it to a colder area of the pipe, where it will settle or stick to the sides. At this point, you will most likely need to call a plumber Mission Viejo, as it will be even less accessible or easier to clear out yourself.

Flushable Wipes are Flushable

Yes, flushable wipes will flush down the drain. They are manufactured to be able to be flushed. What they lack is the ability to break down in the toilet as toilet paper does. Toilet paper is thin and easily rip-able, even in the heaviest ply. Baby wipes and other ‘flushable’ wipes are not as thin. As any experienced plumber Mission Viejo would know, this makes them susceptible to clogging toilets.

When you encounter a plumbing problem, your best bet is to do your research and make sure the solution you’re thinking of is a good idea. For more information on ways to get out of your plumbing situations, contact Severson Plumbing, a plumbing company Ladera Ranch.