Drain Cleaning 101: Prevent Future Clogs


Our team at Severson Plumbing is always ready and available to help you if you need a drain cleaning Irvine CA. Before you need to call an Irvine plumber, see how you can prevent emergency plumbing issues on your own.

Kitchen Sinks

There are a lot of common household mistakes that can lead to your kitchen sink getting clogged. We tend to treat our kitchen sink like a second trash can, but there are a lot of “No-No’s” when it comes to what can go down the chute. While a garbage disposal may seem convenient, it is not indestructible and it is not a long-term solution to getting rid of waste. Leftover food should be tossed out into the garbage, and grease should never be poured down the drain. Instead, dispose of it in the trash, or use it to cook with again later. 


It’s hard to keep up on shower drain cleaning, especially if your drain catches a lot of hair. The buildup of knotted strands, soaps, and other bacteria can be hard (not to mention, gross!) to clean, even for your standard plumber. To avoid hair clogs before they happen, invest in a drain protector like this one. These handy gadgets are affordable and can help to avoid emergency plumbing issues. 


Toilet clogs aren’t always caused by what you may think; in fact, emergency plumbing issues are almost never caused by actually going to the bathroom! What can and will damage your drain is flushing other products, like wet wipes, feminine products, or cotton swabs. These products can expand in the water and cause blockage or even damage to your pipes. So, be sure to only flush toilet paper, and toss the rest!
A clogged drain can be a serious and difficult maintenance issue. Luckily, you have us! For drain cleaning Irvine CA, emergency plumbing Irvine CA, or Irvine plumber Mission Viejo CA, visit Severson Plumbing!