Most Common Pipe Issues During A Summer In Southern California – Irvine Plumber Ca

  1. Shower drains are taking too long to clear

Summer calls for lake trips, beach days, vacations, and outdoor activities! This calls for sand, dirt, and even pebbles to get stuck in your swimsuits or clothing. These sediments get emptied out into showers and will clog up your drains. In order to avoid this problem make sure to rinse off in outdoor showers to get off all the debris beforehand. This will prevent your shower drains from getting clogged and backing up. 

  1. Clogged up disposals

Summertime pool parties, barbecues, or potlucks tend to have a lot of leftovers. Make sure that you are throwing waste in the trash and keeping food out of your sink drain. When peeling fruit, do so over the trash and keep pits away from the drain. Another tip is to throw grease away in the trash. Most people think that it is okay to throw grease in your sink, but that is simply not true! Grill grease will clog up your pipes and lead to further problems. It is best to keep all of these items out of your sink as best as possible. 

  1. Toilet Issues

With all the summer activities going on, there’s going to be a lot of people in and out of your house. People will be using a lot of toilet paper and are not aware of your house rules. We suggest reminding kids to only flush toilet paper down the toilet. You can even put up signs reminding everyone of bathroom etiquette. 

  1. Washing Machine Jams

There are going to be more loads to wash over the summer. To prevent any problems, try separating your loads into smaller sections. Routinely check for any leaks or damage from your washing machine because if these leaks go too long, it will result in flooding of your home. 

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