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Mission Viejo, CA homeowners, like those throughout Orange County, face major issues related to copper piping failures causing serious water damage within their home. With the right plumber helping to address these plumbing service issues, your home can be spared unnecessary damage related to leaking pipes. At Severson Plumbing, we have extensive experience with repiping service that tackles copper piping problems head on.

Historical Issues With Orange County Copper Pipes

Developers building homes throughout Orange County in the 1970s and 1980s frequently used copper pipes. However, various materials in the water in the area can cause serious issues when they come in contact with copper, weakening the pipes over time.

Chloramine (a common water disinfectant) and sulfites in the water can collect in the pipes, form pits and lead to pinhole breaks in the pipes, causing leaks. There has been ample finger-pointing in the matter, with some alleging the problems are due to additives to the water supply added by local water districts. In 2015, a judge threw out a class-action lawsuit against water districts over the issue.

Copper piping is not designed to last forever. Water chemistry can cause significant issues requiring expert plumbing services. So too can pitting corrosion, which can be caused by hard water (usually with a pH above 8.5) or soft water (a pH below 6.5) in temperatures below 140 degrees.

Regardless of the cause, when your copper pipes are causing trouble, you need a plumber with experience and expertise to identify the problem and solve it quickly. Here are 5 signs you might need to replace your copper piping:

  1. Warm or hot spots on your floor, damp carpeting or wet ceilings or walls
  2. Abnormally high water bills
  3. Mold growth within your home, especially in areas where water is typically present, like bathrooms or kitchens
  4. Sagging or buckling flooring
  5. Pooled or flooding water

Finding The Right Solution

For more than two decades, Severson Plumbing has provided repiping service to Mission Viejo, CA homeowners. Severson Plumbing uses Uponor PEX-A tubing, a proven solution that’s backed by a 25-year limited warranty.

With Severson Plumbing as your trusted repiping plumber partner, you’ll draw on our 20 years of expertise and insight, helping Orange County homeowners, homeowner associations, apartment owners and landlords solve plumbing problems fast.

At Severson Plumbing, we conduct an 8-step process when repiping your home:

  1. Inspection and Proposal. We’ll inspect your home’s plumbing and learn about any other issues you may be having.
  2. System Layout and Walk Through. We will establish a new recommended layout and walk through it with you, pointing out areas where wall openings are needed and where we recommend moving items during our work. Our estimator will give instructions about how to make work areas clear and ready for us.
  3. Prep. We will lay down protective coverings on carpets and furniture before starting with drywall openings.
  4. Installation. Installations will be done to the highest standard possible and in compliance with local building code.
  5. Completion. After pipes, valves, and fittings are installed, we will pressurize the system, ensure all connections are working and are water-tight.
  6. First Inspection. Orange County cities mandate two inspections for repiping jobs. Severson Plumbing Inc. will complete the permitting paperwork and schedule the first inspection following the installation of the new piping.
  7. Wall Repair. Our in-house crew will repair the drywall and ceilings to a paint-ready condition.
  8. Final Inspection. After the city’s final inspection is complete, we’ll come back for our own final inspection to make sure your questions are answered and you are satisfied with our work.

At Severson Plumbing, we pride ourselves on quality work and effective results to keep your pipes and plumbing system operating properly and your home protected. If you are looking for the best plumber in Mission Viejo to replace your copper pipes, contact the experts at Severson Plumbing.