Repiping Mission Viejo


If you’re a Mission Viejo, CA homeowner needing repiping services, the material you choose will make a big difference in the project’s costs and durability. A repiping specialist like Severson Plumbing can help determine the required repiping needs and recommend the right material to use.

Here’s a closer look at why PEX offers lots of advantages over traditional materials like PVC and copper piping when it comes to Mission Viejo, CA repiping.

Cost Differences

Cross-linked tubing made of polyethylene flexible material (PEX) has become an increasingly popular alternative for homeowners needing repiping services. One key reason is the difference in price. PEX tubing can cost as much as 25 percent less than copper pipes.

Simpler Installation

PEX also is simpler to install, meaning your repiping specialist can finish the job sooner. You and your family will be inconvenienced for a much shorter period of time.

The reason PEX is so much easier is its design, which uses crimp rings that can be compressed into place or snapped into position using connector fittings. There’s no soldering required, eliminating the fumes and fire risk of metal pipe installs.

There’s more flexibility than rigid copper too, meaning it’s easier to install in small, cramped places. The tubing can turn 90 degrees simply with no need for an elbow fitting. PEX tubing comes in long spools, meaning it can be unrolled and laid through the house without the need for coupling joints.

Corrosion Free

PEX tubes do not corrode, meaning they will last longer without the problems facing many Mission Viejo homeowners struggling with problems caused by older pipes. Sediment will not collect or freeze, meaning that damaging problems and leaks will not occur.

PEX tubes resist other issues that can face other pipe materials. With PEX, there’s no risk of scaling or chlorine accumulation.

PEX pipes are vulnerable to UV damage and should be kept away from sun exposure.

Quieter Water Flow

With copper piping, homeowners often hear a water hammer noise that can be jarring and loud. Water flows through PEX tubes much quieter, virtually eliminating the hammer pings that startle.

Helpful Color Coding

PEX tubes come with a handy color code, that can be helpful for the homeowner or plumbing professional in the case of a service call. Red stands for hot, blue stands for cold and white stands for either.

Taste and Treatments

Copper piping sometimes produces a metallic taste; not so with PEX options. Copper piping also may need to be treated with a chemical treatment or be flushed and washed to make sure that any residual materials from soldering are removed.

At Severson Plumbing, we have more than 20 years of experience helping local, Mission Viejo homeowners with their repiping needs. We use Uponor PEX-A tubing that is backed by a 25-year guarantee, exceeds the federal Safe Drinking Water Act standards, resists condensation in cold lines and retains heat in hot lines. Contact us to assist with your repiping project.