How To Prepare Your Pipes For Cold Weather


The Winter months can take a toll on your pipes so preparing them yourself or hiring a plumber Irvine CA is essential to preventing any disasters. Follow these steps to get your pipes ready for cold temperatures!

Turn off outdoor faucets

During this time, outdoor faucets should be shut off through their shut off valves. Prior to doing so, allow any excess water to drain out since it could potentially freeze in your pipes, creating damage. Since frozen water expands, if there is water left in your pipes it could cause your pipes to burst.


Inspecting the area is key to identifying and preventing piping damage. Look out for any cracks and be sure to fill them to protect your piping. 

Keep cabinet doors open

Since pipes are oftentimes located inside cabinets, it is a good idea to leave the cabinet doors open during the colder months to prevent them from getting too cold ( When your heater is on, keeping your cabinet doors open will allow the pipes to stay warm like the rest of your home. You could even use a portable heater pointed near your pipes is they are in an area such as the attic that has poor insulation.

Get help from a professional

If you are unsure of your piping situation for winter, don’t hesitate to contact a professional! They can give you advice on your unique situation to ensure you don’t face any damages this winter. This can also save you lots of money in the long run and save you the stress of a piping problem.

Keeping your pipes protected during the winter is an easy task if you follow these simple steps. For assistance or to learn more about repipes Irvine CA, plumber Irvine CA or to find  plumbers near me Irvine  CA visit Severson Plumbing!