How To Unclog A Shower Drain


If you are struggling with a clogged shower drain, don’t call a plumber Irvine CA just yet! With these easy tips you may be able to unclog your drain yourself! Clogged drains are very common and most often are caused by a buildup of hair or soap scum.

Unclog by Hand

One way you might be able to successfully unclog your shower drain is by using your hands. Throw on some gloves and remove the drain cover if you have one. If you can visibly see the clog, you can just go ahead and pull it out yourself.

Plumbers Snake

Another popular method of unclogging a shower drain is by using a plumbers snake. Follow the instructions on the box and push the snake all the way down your shower drain. You can then turn it and bring it back up, hopefully along with what was clogging the drain.


If the manual ways of unclogging your shower drain are not working, you may want to consider using chemicals to breakdown the clog. There are several different options at the store to buy for unclogging a drain. Just be sure to wear gloves and protect yourself properly. Overuse of chemicals can cause damage to your pipes so be careful with this method and contact a professional plumber in Irvine CA if you are unsure (


In order to prevent future shower drain clogs you may want to buy a hair catcher to place over the drain. This does a great job of preventing hair and other debris from building up in your pipes and causing more clogs! Don’t hesitate to contact a plumber in Irvine for advice and tips specific to your situation and shower drain.

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